Sofa beds you'll actually like...

When you hear the words sofa bed (or sleeper sofa, pull-out couch, hideaway....) an image of florals and sofa skirts comes to mind. Open it up to a reveal a thin springy mattress and nowhere to stash away the sofa cushions. Or perhaps you see the click-clack micro fibre lumpy couch that makes a better trampoline than sitting. You know what I'm talking about.

Unless you hope to get your guests out the door quickly, we've got a few options...
The Denmark
The Denmark is perfect for small spaces looking for a clean uncluttered look. And nothing about it says sofa bed, so your guests won't know if you don't tell them. Keep reading, there's more...

The REM offers more sleep support, it's actually made from a 10" mattress. The  back cushions are soft yet supportive, ideal for comfort while maintaining the sofas shape. Another bonus is the tailored back, from any angle it still looks good. 
The Manhattan
The Manhattan Sofa Bed works for the more modern home or loft. Similar sofas are available in, white or a classy camel colours as well. Similar to the R.E.M. above, it also has a tufted back allowing it to be free standing in the middle of a room. 
The Mob Sofa Bed is another small footprint sofa bed. The advantage here is the multifunction and modularity of the sofa due to the split back as the name says. Combine it with a lounger chair as below and you have endless options. Also available with arms... The Armed Mob :) 

But wait, there's more.... modern sofa beds

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