Introducing Eilersen Sofas....

Welcome to the world of comfortable contemporary sofas! We have recently introduced a new line of sofa's to our expanding lineup, and couldn't be happier.

Eilersen was founded in 1895 as a coach builder (hence the logo) and after a tragic fire in 1935, the company focused its efforts solely on upholstered furniture. Today they make some of the most comfortable, well made and beautifully styles sofa's in the world.

Eilersen Tub Sofa at Elevenfiftyfour Ottawa

The Tub Sofa (above) is so well made and comfortable, it's a sofa you know will last and you'll love along the way. In our showroom now, come sit.


How to chose the right sofa bed

In the world of sofa beds, the options have only gotten wider. Designers have finally realized what a great asset a sleeper sofa is to a household. What began as cumbersome and springy pull out couches, eventually moved on to smaller and simpler futons and finally today to sofa beds that are actually nice to look at, comfortable to sit on and make as good a bed as, well, a bed.

So what works for you and your space?


Timeless Team 7

Team 7, designing furniture for everyday life. Built to be enjoyed, loved and to last. 

There are so many furniture manufacturers out there, the options seem endless at times. But few can claim to be timeless both in their design and their quality. Team 7 of Austria is one of the few. Their furniture has that wonderful quality that allows it to fit into any space, look good with any decor and be appreciated by the most discerning designer. 

Amazing attention to detail, Team7 makes pieces that you love to own. All the joinery is done by hand and the wood is solid, NO VANEER!!! Gets scratched... sand it out. 


Christmas Gift Ideas

And there's more...

Top: Eva Solo Bird Table
Bottom: Eva Solo Smiley Bowl, Normann Copenhagen Whisk, Normann Copenhagen Herb Stand, Normann Copenhagen Friends S&P Shakers, Eva Solo Tumblers, Normann Copenhagen Whiskey Glasses
Be sure to check out more Christmas gift ideas here!

New in store! This fabulous Eva Solo Bird Feeder makes a great gift for the nature lover on your list, not only is it the gift that keeps on giving (to birds at least) but it will look fabulous hanging from a tree or balcony through a snowy winter.

1. Eva Solo Hand Blown Smiley Bowl. How can you not love a bowl with a smile! Not just a pretty face, Smiley is two bowls in one. Perfect for the nut lover, design addict or neat freak in your life!
2. Normann Copenhagen Whisk. Mentioned in a previous post, but again, it really is great. Solid wood handle and nylon head. Won't scratch and cleans easily.
3. Normann Copenhagen Herb Stand... here it is again. Cute and smart. For your favourite cook or gardener.
4. Friends Salt and Pepper Shakers. Bring friends to your table!
5. Eva Solo Cafe Latte Porcelain Tumblers. Another new product, comes in a set of 2 and its 360ml size corresponds to the standard settings on most pod coffee machines. Made from porcelain and equipped with a silicone sheath to protect your hands. Lovely to hold, even lovelier to own. Get yours before they're gone!
6. Normann Copenhagen's ever popular whiskey glasses. Hand blown with a nice weight, they are the perfect gift for any serious scotch drinker.


Designer Gifts for the Cook

Looking for the perfect gift for the cooks in your life? These fabulous items are sure to bring a smile to any culinary aficionado. Each is unique -  chances are they don't have it, each is fun - they'll love it, and each item is smart and sure to become a kitchen favourite.

Normann Copenhagen's herb stand, beater whisk, whisk, rainbow trivet, and krenit salad bowl
1. Normann Copenhagen Herb Pot ($48)    2. Normann Copenhagen Collapsable Whisk ($18)    3. Normann Copenhagen Whisk ($28)   4. Normann Copenhagen Rainbow Trivet ($26)
5. Normann Copenhagen Krenit Salad Bowl ($35)
6. Normann Copenhagen Collapsible Strainer ($60) 
1. Normann Copenhagen's Herb Stand is the perfect kitchen accessory for the cook who has everything. Who doesn't like to flavour with fresh herbs, and what better way to bring in the outdoors during the winter months. Complete with 2 pots and scissors; the gift that can't go wrong.  

2. This wonderful space-saving whisk not only fits in your drawer neatly, it can also be hung, easily cleaned in the dishwasher and looks great in any kitchen. Available in an array of fun colours, it makes a great stocking stuffer. 

3. Normann Copenhagen's larger whisk is perfect for the cook who loves to bake. Because it doesn't fully loop, cookie batter, bread dough and pancake mix doesn't get stuck in the process. Bonus: It looks great!

4.The lovely rainbow trivet. Another space saving and fun design, folds into itself to form a nice little compact rainbow just like the name suggests. Also available in more fun colours. 

5. Everyone needs a great salad bowl. Made of melamine, strong and reliable but it also looks great. Designed by Herbert Krenchel, its a classic shape that provides a stage for its contents. The Krenit Bowl is also available in metal with lacquer interior.    

6. This collapsible strainer is available in red or blue, folds down super flat and it's wonderfully modern design has won the prestigious Red Dot design award. It has to be great right?

Christmas gifts under $100

We've got something for just about everyone on your Christmas gift list, lots of great accessories for every budget.

 Gifts under $100

Christmas gift ideas under $100, Eva Solo Coffee Maker, Normann Copenhagen Cognac Glass, Eva Solo Tea Maker, Normann Copenhagen Iron Candlestick holder, Eva Solo My Teapot, Normann Copenhagen Carafe, Normann Copenhagen Porcelain Jug, Normann Copenhagen Flag Candle Holders
1. Normann Copenhagen Flag Candle Holders, set of 3 ($87)     2. Normann Copenhagen Hand Blown Cognac Glass, set of 2 ($64)   3. Eva Solo My Tea TeaPot ($79)   4. Normann Copenhagen Cast Iron Candelabra ($78)  
5. Normann Copenhagen Cristal Carafe ($60)    6. Eva Solo Coffee Maker ($89)  
7. Normann Copenhagen Porcelain Jug (on sale for $95)  
Eva Solo and Normann Copenhagen are 2 great accessory companies should be on your list. Both are based in Denmark with all their products designed and made there, great quality and fun designs that are sure to be a hit for anyone on your list with an appreciation for great design. Lots more options available in store, your Christmas shopping will be complete in no time...


Best Sleeper Sofas / Sofa Beds

We've done our homework. If you're looking for a great Sofa Bed at a great price, you'll have a hard time finding anything that tops our sofa beds for quality, style and overall smart design.
The Manhattan Sofa Bed

What makes these sleeper sofas so great?

1. Our sofa beds work for your space. The sleeper sofas are made to suit the spaces that sofa beds are generally used in. They come apart to fit up narrow staircases, in elevators and through awkward doors. These are not your grandmothers fold-away, weighs a ton sofa beds.

2. They are constructed like a mattress with pocket springs. What does this mean? You can actually use these sleeper sofas as a comfortable bed, have a good sleep and wake up in the morning feeling well rested.

3. They are comfortable to sit on! Obvious you'd think, but most sofa beds are not comfortable as a sofa or a bed, they simply serve the purpose of being a sofa bed. Our sofa beds on the other hand, do what they are intended for comfortably.

4. Options. They make a sofa bed for every space. You'll find love seats that open to double beds, armless sleeper sofas to maximize seating space, chaise styles for a quick nap in the office or modular sofa beds that allow you to change things up. As well, queen size sleeper sofas that invite you to curl up to a good movie in its generously sized sofa form and still play host to out of town guests when it folds down to a queen sized bed.

5. More options. Most of our sofa beds come in multiple fabric options. Lots of neutrals, bright colours and faux leathers. Some, like Play Sofa Bed, have slip covers that can be removed and cleaned. The perfect sofa bed for families with kids, pets or just the desire to have worry free furniture that still looks great.

6. Style. In addition to multiple sizes, Our sofa beds come in a wide variety of styles to suit everyone's taste. There are modern sofa beds, classic sofa beds, mid-century modern sleeper sofas , clean and simple sofa beds, old school chesterfield sofa beds

7. PRICE. Our sofa beds are priced right. They are well made, hold their shape and form and we will happily replace damaged hardware if necessary. We have yet to find other sofa beds that offer the same comfort and quality for a better price.

See the complete line of our modern sofa beds. houzz interior design ideas


Latest Buzz

Greyhorne Interiors has been featured on Apartment Therapy! We are also quite happy that our lovely neighbourhood was given the recognition it deserves. We are not simply an Ottawa based design store, but proud residents of Old Ottawa South! A fabulous walkable centre-town community.

As long time followers of their inspirational blog, we are flattered. Thanks Apartment Therapy...

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Come on in, and up!

Although it's not 100% completed, access to our new space on the mezzanine is unofficially opened and the showroom looks great! We've got new things arriving all the time and now more space to show them off. 

How many chairs can you name?

Block Table by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen

Upstairs.... you'll have to come in to see!

Accessories, accessories, accessories


For the love of garlic...

Summer is not over yet (well not officially until tomorrow) and despite the obvious chill in the air, there is still a good amount of BBQ's to be had before the grill is packed for the winter. For me, fall is all about enjoying the harvest and getting in as much fresh vegetables as possible before it's back to the less favourable hot house varieties. Any time I'm firing up the grill, a whole garlic bulb goes on with it, making the perfect spread for just about anything else on the menu.

BBQ Garlic:
Take the whole bulb and cut off the root end. Brush it with olive oil (chilli infused oil works really well too) and place it cut side down on the grill. 10 minutes or until the skin is brown, and it should be soft and spreadable.
Store your garlic in these cute garlic houses designed by 18Karat in Vancouver.
At only $25, come get yours today before they're gone!
Keep the summer going with Eva Solo's table grill. Perfect for grill your own food dinner parties.
Bonus: it's dishwasher safe and the ceramic pot can be used year round as a fabulous fruit bowl.
Available at Greyhorne Interiors


We're Expanding!

There's lots going on at Greyhorne Interiors! We're building a mezzanine which is increasing our showroom floor space dramatically and more space means more great product lines.  Drop in and see what's new...

work in progress
So much space to fill (but stairs first!)



It's time to clear out and make way for new arrivals! Come check out our clearance table, it's full of rarely on sale classic Normann Copenhagen accessories. As well we have a few floor models that need to go. We'll be here waiting for you, but sale items go fast!

Solid Wood Media Unit & Dining Table


The Gehry Chair

Possibly the most talked about chair in the store, certainly the most sat upon. Frank Gehry's Easy Chair sits outside our door and rarely does anyone, kids and adults alike, pass by without a comment.
The Easy Chair is a part of the Frank Gehry Furniture Collection produced by Heller in the United States. The collection was originally released in silver, which gave it the impression of being a part of the landscape, like a rock jutting out of the hillside. Now available in an array of bright colours, the Easy Chair or the Twist Cubes add a pop of colour to any space, indoors or out. Definitely a statement piece, its no wonder Frank Gehry's furniture collection can be found in modern art museums around the world. 
The Gehry Collection at the Smithsonian's Copper-Hewitt 

Frank Gehry designed MARTa in Herford, Germany
Frank Gehry Furniture Collection in
colour at MARTa
Gehry Cubes, Sofa and Bench at MARTa


New Normann Copenhagen Arrivals!

Love when new stuff comes through the door! My current obsession is the Herb Stand. I'm pretty sure I could get used to having fresh herbs growing in my kitchen, waiting to freshen up my dinner. Nothing says summer like a nice olive oil, tomatoes, bocconcini and some fresh basil...
Complete with saucer for even watering and 'leaf' scissors, the herb stand keeps your plants tidy while making it easy and fun to season your food.   


Your new favourite Coffee Maker

It is time to retire that ugly drip coffee machine taking up space on your counter. I'm going to introduce to you, the perfect replacement. Eva Solo has come out with an award winning design, that not only looks good, but functions in ways that no drip machine can compare to.
How does it work? 
1. Boil coffee in a kettle, and pour into the Eva Solo Cafe Solo glass carafe. 
2. Add ground coffee (make it a good one, here is your chance to taste the hidden flavours typically lost through the drip process).
3. Stir using the spoon provided
4. Place the filter onto the carafe. 

In four short minutes (or long minutes if it's a rough morning) you've got some of the smoothest tasting coffee you've ever tried. No barrista required. 

So what makes Cafe Solo so fabulous? 

First of all, the shape of the carafe, complete with ripples in the base provide a place for the coffee grinds to settle, preventing excess dredge from spoiling your morning brew. 

Secondly, coffee that is brewed with complete submersion (as apposed to running water through the grinds and a filter) allows the full flavour of the coffee to come out and prevents the paper filter flavour that contaminates drip coffee. I prefer to read the paper with my coffee, thank you very much. A french press also brews by submersion, but the act of pressing often brings out the acidity in coffee, while the Cafe Solo prevents it. 

Third, it looks great. Imagine ridding your kitchen of an unnecessary appliance! No more filters to buy and no wasted electricity spent keeping stale sub-par coffee warm.

Four: It doesn't drip. Thats right. The lid automatically opens when pouring, and closes back up when done. The coffee pours out beautifully without dripping. 

Five: Brew and serve. You make the coffee directly into the carafe and the neoprene cover that keeps it warm allows you to carry it directly to the table to serve. No hot plate required, no additional thermos or coffee pot. I make mine in the morning and carry it out onto the porch with my morning paper. It's just a pleasure to use. 


Sofa beds you'll actually like...

When you hear the words sofa bed (or sleeper sofa, pull-out couch, hideaway....) an image of florals and sofa skirts comes to mind. Open it up to a reveal a thin springy mattress and nowhere to stash away the sofa cushions. Or perhaps you see the click-clack micro fibre lumpy couch that makes a better trampoline than sitting. You know what I'm talking about.

Unless you hope to get your guests out the door quickly, we've got a few options...
The Denmark
The Denmark is perfect for small spaces looking for a clean uncluttered look. And nothing about it says sofa bed, so your guests won't know if you don't tell them. Keep reading, there's more...


Building the Norm 69

DIY Modern Lamp

In 1969 Simon Karkov designed his visionary, futuristic lamp, which consists of 69 parts, but for years it remained packed away, undiscovered. In 2001 an acquaintance of Simon Karkov saw the prospect of a fruitful collaboration between the team behind the start-up company Normann Copenhagen and Simon Karkov. Only then was this now classic design retrieved from the loft. The lamp was the first product released by Normann Copenhagen in 2002 and is now available in over 60 countries world-wide. 

Norm 69 was awarded the Formlandprisen 2002, Best Item at IMM Cologne 2003 and most recently the New-Classic Award 2009 by the Danish Interior Magazine BoBedre. 

Simon Karkov with his design

So how did our build go..?