Building the Norm 69

DIY Modern Lamp

In 1969 Simon Karkov designed his visionary, futuristic lamp, which consists of 69 parts, but for years it remained packed away, undiscovered. In 2001 an acquaintance of Simon Karkov saw the prospect of a fruitful collaboration between the team behind the start-up company Normann Copenhagen and Simon Karkov. Only then was this now classic design retrieved from the loft. The lamp was the first product released by Normann Copenhagen in 2002 and is now available in over 60 countries world-wide. 

Norm 69 was awarded the Formlandprisen 2002, Best Item at IMM Cologne 2003 and most recently the New-Classic Award 2009 by the Danish Interior Magazine BoBedre. 

Simon Karkov with his design

So how did our build go..?

The wonderful flat pack design 
Yup 69 parts


Almost done

Voila! The Norm 69 really glows, the light it soft... it looks great. 

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