Introducing Eilersen Sofas....

Welcome to the world of comfortable contemporary sofas! We have recently introduced a new line of sofa's to our expanding lineup, and couldn't be happier.

Eilersen was founded in 1895 as a coach builder (hence the logo) and after a tragic fire in 1935, the company focused its efforts solely on upholstered furniture. Today they make some of the most comfortable, well made and beautifully styles sofa's in the world.

Eilersen Tub Sofa at Elevenfiftyfour Ottawa

The Tub Sofa (above) is so well made and comfortable, it's a sofa you know will last and you'll love along the way. In our showroom now, come sit.

The Playground Sofa is perfectly named. It is the ultimate modular sofa that arranges instantly and easily to accommodate your seating preference. The triangular back supports can be moved any where, making this a great entertaining sofa, movie watching sofa, sofa bed and any other use you can find! Love it. Fun, functional and smart.

One of Eilersen's many stand out features is their style's ability to manipulate. The Block Sofa (above) is a perfect example. Comprised of modular components, Block is limitless in configuration. Eilersen's strong manufacturing capabilities means you can choose from countless fabrics and combinations to create the perfect sofa to fit your house and your needs. Come in to the showroom and we'll help you get started...

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