Timeless Team 7

Team 7, designing furniture for everyday life. Built to be enjoyed, loved and to last. 

There are so many furniture manufacturers out there, the options seem endless at times. But few can claim to be timeless both in their design and their quality. Team 7 of Austria is one of the few. Their furniture has that wonderful quality that allows it to fit into any space, look good with any decor and be appreciated by the most discerning designer. 

Amazing attention to detail, Team7 makes pieces that you love to own. All the joinery is done by hand and the wood is solid, NO VANEER!!! Gets scratched... sand it out. 

Stern Coffee Table, a RedDot Award winner
From dining to entryways, Team 7 can make any room in your house beautiful. Their emphasis on wood and the quality of the grain is visible in every piece they make. Nothing is ever stained, instead each piece is hand oiled to allow the wood to be as much of the design as the design itself. Materials are always first for this Austrian company. 

The Lux sideboard comes in a variety of solid woods, a selection of coloured glasses and customizable lengths. 

The complete line of Team7 is available in Ottawa through Greyhorne Interiors's showroom. 

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