Best Sleeper Sofas / Sofa Beds

We've done our homework. If you're looking for a great Sofa Bed at a great price, you'll have a hard time finding anything that tops our sofa beds for quality, style and overall smart design.
The Manhattan Sofa Bed

What makes these sleeper sofas so great?

1. Our sofa beds work for your space. The sleeper sofas are made to suit the spaces that sofa beds are generally used in. They come apart to fit up narrow staircases, in elevators and through awkward doors. These are not your grandmothers fold-away, weighs a ton sofa beds.

2. They are constructed like a mattress with pocket springs. What does this mean? You can actually use these sleeper sofas as a comfortable bed, have a good sleep and wake up in the morning feeling well rested.

3. They are comfortable to sit on! Obvious you'd think, but most sofa beds are not comfortable as a sofa or a bed, they simply serve the purpose of being a sofa bed. Our sofa beds on the other hand, do what they are intended for comfortably.

4. Options. They make a sofa bed for every space. You'll find love seats that open to double beds, armless sleeper sofas to maximize seating space, chaise styles for a quick nap in the office or modular sofa beds that allow you to change things up. As well, queen size sleeper sofas that invite you to curl up to a good movie in its generously sized sofa form and still play host to out of town guests when it folds down to a queen sized bed.

5. More options. Most of our sofa beds come in multiple fabric options. Lots of neutrals, bright colours and faux leathers. Some, like Play Sofa Bed, have slip covers that can be removed and cleaned. The perfect sofa bed for families with kids, pets or just the desire to have worry free furniture that still looks great.

6. Style. In addition to multiple sizes, Our sofa beds come in a wide variety of styles to suit everyone's taste. There are modern sofa beds, classic sofa beds, mid-century modern sleeper sofas , clean and simple sofa beds, old school chesterfield sofa beds

7. PRICE. Our sofa beds are priced right. They are well made, hold their shape and form and we will happily replace damaged hardware if necessary. We have yet to find other sofa beds that offer the same comfort and quality for a better price.

See the complete line of our modern sofa beds. houzz interior design ideas

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