For the love of garlic...

Summer is not over yet (well not officially until tomorrow) and despite the obvious chill in the air, there is still a good amount of BBQ's to be had before the grill is packed for the winter. For me, fall is all about enjoying the harvest and getting in as much fresh vegetables as possible before it's back to the less favourable hot house varieties. Any time I'm firing up the grill, a whole garlic bulb goes on with it, making the perfect spread for just about anything else on the menu.

BBQ Garlic:
Take the whole bulb and cut off the root end. Brush it with olive oil (chilli infused oil works really well too) and place it cut side down on the grill. 10 minutes or until the skin is brown, and it should be soft and spreadable.
Store your garlic in these cute garlic houses designed by 18Karat in Vancouver.
At only $25, come get yours today before they're gone!
Keep the summer going with Eva Solo's table grill. Perfect for grill your own food dinner parties.
Bonus: it's dishwasher safe and the ceramic pot can be used year round as a fabulous fruit bowl.
Available at Greyhorne Interiors

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