The Gehry Chair

Possibly the most talked about chair in the store, certainly the most sat upon. Frank Gehry's Easy Chair sits outside our door and rarely does anyone, kids and adults alike, pass by without a comment.
The Easy Chair is a part of the Frank Gehry Furniture Collection produced by Heller in the United States. The collection was originally released in silver, which gave it the impression of being a part of the landscape, like a rock jutting out of the hillside. Now available in an array of bright colours, the Easy Chair or the Twist Cubes add a pop of colour to any space, indoors or out. Definitely a statement piece, its no wonder Frank Gehry's furniture collection can be found in modern art museums around the world. 
The Gehry Collection at the Smithsonian's Copper-Hewitt 

Frank Gehry designed MARTa in Herford, Germany
Frank Gehry Furniture Collection in
colour at MARTa
Gehry Cubes, Sofa and Bench at MARTa

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